Join Us for a celebration of the creative expression, aliveness, and growth of Black Queer & Trans people!!! Let's bask in our collective light with art, drag AND live musical performances, food, and more! by and for OUR community! DJ Krush will be curating the vibes!
Wear what makes you shine!
Let's practice love and respect for one another!Let's shift the culture here in Jackson, MS with our big bright joy!Let's grow our faith in our collective victory!
And did we say free?!
It's free for Black & Melaninated Indigenous & Latinx People. We ask that our non-Black friends and loved ones to pour love and financial assistance from home!
Soulday is a quarterly celebration created and organized by a couple of Black Non-binary Queers and so let's kick this off with Pride and commit to seeing us grow!
More Information on the way!
Covid-19 Safety Care & Accountabily:
Due to free Covid 19 testing being only available if you are exibiting symptoms in Mississippi, PLEASE STAY HOME IF YOU ARE EXHIBITING ANY SYMPTOMS from that tickle in your throat, to that dry cough from your "allergies." For those who attend, we encourage you to take care of yourself and your neighbor by wearing a mask whenever you are not eating and drinking. Simply, we are surviving on prayers , orange juice, sea moss and vibes, at this point--so please be and do your best to keep yourself and all attendees safe. More Information on the way!
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