The Practitioners

D. Floyd (@darneicecreates; They/We/Their)

Born and raised in Louisville, Mississippi, D. Floyd is a gender non-conforming visual artist representing Darneice Creates. Using the tools from their spiritual upbringing in the Baptist and COGIC church, D’s rich rural foundation laid by their grandparents who were farmers and Juke joint owners,  they’ve  been receptive to numerous spiritual teachers who taught them the power of prayer, how to lay hands to shift or release energy, and how to use food, herbs, and oils to heal. D brings their rich rural lineage to venerate the ancestors by specializing in portraiture they remember and preserve dynamic heirlooms of Black culture. Hoodoo is their birthright and a significant part of their creative offerings and gifts. @darneicecreates

Jazmine Walker  (@jazdakos; They/Jazmine)

Jazmine Walker, affectionately known as the King of the South, is a shapeshifter, sociologist, storyteller, and nonbinary conjurer from Jackson, MS who specializes in the .magic, mysticism, and the rich heritage of Black people. Jazmine's  conscious love and reverence for the practice has been spirit led during their  own healing and wellness journey as a trauma survivor. They share some of these lessons as the founder and Magnification Director of Praise and Twerkship, a comprehensive self devotional workshop that connects self-love, conjure, and the sacred practice of twerk. The products Jazmine stewards with Madams of Excellence are spirit led and a product of the ancestral wisdom of rootworkers that have been resurrected through Jazmine. They are dedicated to sharing products that remind Black people that our cultural magic is the luxury.